“A moment before, she had been just a girl chatting; and then, suddenly, she was all woman and springtime, the embodiment of feminine beauty.…”


“One of the most absorbing, chilling, beautifully written and important novels I’ve read in many years.”

“Impossible to put down, this work is important reading for anyone who cares about the power of literature to engage the world and speak its often frightening truths.”

Brandon W. Jones on writing All Woman and Springtime

I began writing All Woman and Springtime in early 2009, after a year of listening to a gnawing impulse in the back of my mind saying, "Write! Write! Write!" Like a mantra, it kept chanting, becoming incrementally louder and louder until finally I had no choice but to reply, "Write what? What? What?" It became a call and response, almost a tug-of-war, between my inner drive and my self-doubt: "Write!" "What?" "Write!" "What?" Read Full Essay »

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